Retained Searches & Contingency Placement

Robert Drexler Associates, Inc.'s recruiting services include
the options listed below with additional innovative
methods that can be developed upon request.

Robert Drexler Associates, Inc. - Recruitment Services

RDA's recruitment has proven successful through the use of specific practices:

Research: Actively researching your competitors enables us to discover the best previously unknown prospects.
Continuation: We continue to recruit candidates until the position is successfully filled.
Speed: Working quickly allows us to reduce search turnaround so that businesses can grow sooner rather than later.
Transparency: We have no hidden fees or expenses; all costs are pre-approved before being incurred.


Retained Sr Executive Search as well as Strategic Recruitment and the Recruitment of Engineering Professionals, Technical Professionals and Business Development for Engineering Services in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Petrochemical/Chemical, and Utility Industries.

Retained Searches

This method of recruiting is designed for companies that are seeking to fill a specific need. A retainer is paid in advance to initiate the search. It is important that our clients understand that they are paying for RDA's time, not for the candidate hired. RDA is therefore obligated to devote intense time identifying prospective candidates from competitor companies. This separates searches from the contingency placements. RDA will continually work on a search assignment until a suitable candidate is located and hired.

Permanent Retained Consulting

This method of recruiting is preferred by companies undertaking expansions in personnel over the course of time. It consists of a monthly fixed fee for a predetermined length of time. For this fee, RDA will continually supply qualified candidates for ALL positions throughout the length of the contract. In essence, RDA becomes part of your management team and works closely with all executive personnel in defining manpower needs and satisfying those needs.

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